How far is the structure from the sea?
Case Vacanze “Ecoflat” is about 150 m from a small cove, Baia Portinenti; 3 Km from Canneto beach.

How can I get to public beaches?
Case Vacanze “Ecoflat” is about 30 m from the public bus stop and about 50 m from Marina Corta square.

How can I get to private beaches?
Private beaches have free shuttle buses that stop in front of the structure.

Where do boat tours to smaller islands leave?
50 m away, in Marina Corta square.

How far is the structure from the town center?
square, 400 m from the Castle – Museum – Amphitheater

Can I park my car?
Yes, a public parking is about 20 m away.

Do you accept groups?

Are pets allowed in the flats?
Yes, small-sized pets are allowed, but after prior agreement.

What are recurring holidays?
Easter Sunday, St. Bartholomew (the patron saint of the island) on August 24, August 15.

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